A Never Ending Journey……

I grew up in La Jolla, California. My first photographs were taken in 1969 when I was ten years old, and featured the black sand beaches and volcanoes of Hawaii’s Big Island. Six years later I had my first photo published in a national magazine. Surfing photography became my initial forte, and from there everything just skyrocketed. Before long no subject matter was off limits; underwater, scenic panoramas, aerial, lifestyle, sports, cuisine, and event photography.

Extensive traveling expanded my photographic horizons even further, while fueling my desire to also become a writer. Currently I have several hundred print articles to my credit, and have authored two books; The Great Hawaii Sports Journal, and Child Of The Storm. My long tenure has taken me through the evolution of the profession; from print film to digital and from manual focus to auto focus. This counts for a lot, especially when it comes to interpreting someone’s photographic ability and experience. It’s no irony that in 1985 I ended up returning to Hawaii, first to Maui, then to the Big Island in 1993 where I have lived ever since. Life has truly come full circle for me, while my photography continues at a very high level.

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